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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  March 3, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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>> and at 17 years old a local high school students was found dead of an apparent heroin overdose. the latest in the drug epidemic that is threatening our youth. >> and winter not ready to let go yet. by this time tomorrow night it looks like more snow could push across the area from this storm system. "fox5 local news at 11" starts right now. >> and we thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm shawn yancy. >> we begin the 11 in fairfax country virginia where two people died of heroin overdoses since yesterday y and one of thm a 17-year-old high school student with her entire life ahead of her. >> fox5 tish atisha lewis joins us live. >> 17-year-old alexia springe springer's death comes as heartbreaking reminder of impact this drug is having across our communities. police confirmed that springer died from complications caused by heroin use. now it's all
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tragedy that is becoming more prevalent day by day. we sat down and spoke with dr. dr. joseph mc cue ski who says teens are using more heroin nowadays because it's cheaper and more accessible than it was a decade ago. . >> before we were not that worried about. it let me it will you why. because it was not happening here it was happening there. to them. now, our kids, in our schools, and we cannot say it's them. so i think what's happening is sense of "i don't belong." >> so springer was a senior september areville high school and by most account looking forward to graduating next year and known for her again rossty and outgoing personality and even sew police say she was discovered inside her cente centerville home tuesday morning and police went to the house after receiveing a report that a woman was dead. springer was reportedly found by a friend who spent the night and now in fairfax country death from heroin overdose have
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reportedly doubled in recent years. their deaths are preventable. >> we do not have enough trained counselors in our schools. we do not have enough trained counselors in the community. if you would take every child who as a problem and mother discovers or father discovers drug on them and tries to find real help it's limited. >> so what happens now. fairfax country public school person says the district is reviewing drug education and prevention policy and curriculum and also we know a facebook page was set up in springer's memory and parents were notified of this situation tonight. >> tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> tish athank you. >> we need to keep a close eye on weather because more changes coming. in fact we said good-bye to the brief taste of spring and said hello to colder, windy weather. by week's end we'll look at snow. sue palka is here
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caught up on the changes. >> 7 days after that looking at temperatures in the mid 70s shawn. crazy isn't it. you're right about the wichbilityd i didn't mention earlier we had gusts 40 miles an hour today. very hard to take. it brought in the cold air that is in place now and we'll have a cold night tonight an a dry thursday. it's thursday night and friday that we're watching for the possibility of another around of snow. a small accumulation expected but it could have impact because of the timing. it will affect the friday morning commute. straight to radar we go. nothing to see here locally. few light snow showers passing harmlessly through pennsylvania and what we're watching is taking shape through midwest and plains. this storm system is moving fast. we're not calling it a up clipper. it's moving as fast as i clipper but this storm deposit originate in the alberta canada it's coming out spvkly and it will be guided just south by high pressure. tomorrow night after 8:00 is when i think 8 p.m. we'll start to see some flurries. it might even start briefly as ra
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some of that ill will melt as it begins around the area because pavement is still warm. friday morning, this could have a moderate impact. there will be some slushy spots around and slush can be slippery and maybe in a few areas that will stick to streets i think maiping or highways should be fine. it's timing that is concern and the bulling of this will fall overnight and winding up in the morning rush hour. and we think right now the heaviest snow may fall just south and east of d.c. and so 44 tomorrow afternoon and then our area of low pressure passing to the south and spreads that swaj of snow in here and generally we think it will be 1 to 3" on grassy areas and most areas get one to two. we're putting in three for those that get more. south and east of 95 to lower southern maryland and northern neck and well north and west, west of hagerstown you can get a little more as well. it's out of hereby about 10 in the morning on friday and slight chance of a few more snow showers saturday night. tony back to you.
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thank you very much. a scary afternoon for neighbors in alexandria. what began as argument between a father and son this morning eventually led towed gun shots allegedly being fired at police officers around dinner time. "fox5" maryland is live on the scene. marine a. i know that lucky no officers were hurt today. >> no one was hurt today. tony. and the chief here saying that his blood pressure spiked when he heard the call because it was too similar to what happened saturday in prince wul yum county. thankfully everyone here walked away alive. you'll see behind me here the investigation continues this time internal affairs out here trying to figure out if everything the officers did was according to procedure and the chief says they did everything me had to do to make sure that everybody walked out of this just fine. and take a look at this slido. you'll see the suspect there in handcuffs. being placed into the ambulanc ambulance. he's 19 years old and saad javed
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he placed a call before 5:00 this afternoon. he was emotionally distressed and when officers arrived he walked out the front door and fired shots at officers and they were able to seek cover and then about an hour later, they forced him to come out. he did so. but did not comply with their orders and that's when they had to shoot foam pellets towards him and finally fell to the ground they were able to deploy k-9s on him and got him in custody. this was too close for comfort for these officers in fairfax country. >> it got my blood pressure up. officer ashley guindon gave her life in line of duty for the same time of event. and nationwide, locally, this is what we do. and they isolated the event and contained it and slowed it down and they had cover and they used negotiations and our call tears at the communication center did a wonderful job and they're tactical negotiations
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all the men and women of the police department that's what we do every day and this is obviously a result that we want to preserve human life the officers and everyone else involved. >> now police saying they were out here on this very street earlier this morning at about 9:30 fol a domestic dispute between father and son. father was arrested in that incident this morning and then fast forward to 5:00 that's when the 19-year-old son placed call into 911 and he is now too in custody charges still pending for 19-year-old. live tonight in alexandria. marina morocco, "fox5 local news". . >> the body of ashley guindon prince william county police officer killed on her first day on the job arrived in her home state of massachusetts today. ronald hamilton is accused of fatally shooting his wife crystal hamilton and opening fire in guindon and two other officers saturday night in woodbridge. hall ill ton
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bail and faces charges including capital murder. an a private funeral service is scheduled on sunday for officer guindon's family. >> we've learned a second lawsuit has been filed against prince george county school stemming from child pornography sdandle. deonteo caroway face as i dozen charges for allegedly videotaping children involved in sex acts and some cases happened at sylvania woods elementary school. a 9-year-old victim told his teacher about the abuse and she responded by saying "i don't believe you go sit down" board of education and super intend ept and principal and teen rear all named in a lawsuit. >> today the man accused of kidnapping two virginia college student plead tiltty to his imcoo. he admitted to ill canning virginia tech students morgan harrington that vanished in 2009 after attending a metallic aconcert and hannah gram uva student
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of 2014. matthew pled guilty to avoyt the death panety. he has four consecutive life terms without the prosbility of parole. >> the texas trooper found dead in jail has been fired. former trooper bribe antonia is accused of lying about july 20 15 arrest of sandra blapd. the video showed trooper drawing stun gun after she refused toet out of her car. he was arrested forassault three days later she was found happeninging in her jail cell. >> and we have an update to a story we brought you monday night out of frederick county maryland. the sheriff office says it has not filed charges after fire cars were hit with bullets during the evening commute. shots were fired 5:30 woodville road and madeer way in mt. air airy. perpetrates of interest have been identified. bu
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interviewed. investigation is still ongoing. >> well, it is official. kirk cousins will be rocking burgandy and gold for another season. details in sports. >> and trump goes on the record with cigarettea van sesfrom what she has to say about the campaign and their life together. >> chick-fil-a restaurants are rewarding customers for keeping mobile phones out of site with wh
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is >> ben carson said he is pulling out of the debate if in detroit and will discuss fruit fewer of his movement during his speech monday. >> donald trump's wife wept on the record with greta. they spoke about frevring donald trump super tuesday victories to her marriage to one of the most controversial political
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>> it's very exciting yes and it's very different the last kind of changed a little bit. i like to keep it as normal as possible. but still it changed heeds on the road and we don't see him as much. i travel with him when i can. it's very exciting and amazing what's going on. it's a movement. >> she says she met donald trump during fashion week part party. she said he was charming and they think the off from the very beginning. the trumps dated 7 years before married in 2005. fox news channel will host next gop debate tomorrow night 9 p.m. should be interesting. brett bare and megan kelly and chris wallace will moderate from detroit michigan and bring you highlights on news at 10 and 11. >> lady gaga is opening up about her emotional performance at the oscars turns out the message came as a big surprise to family members. gaga performed oscar nominated
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song about sexual assault victims coping with trauma a during instagram approach he said aunts and grand mother had no idea she was a victim of rain in the that performance. her grandmother is proud of her bravery for coming forward. she went public about her rain in 2014 and never told family members and they never got whipped of headline. >> all right. a breezy day today. >> windy. >> yeah. yeah. >> hard to take. >> wind willing out of here. cold returns sticking around in the 40s during the day tomorro tomorrow. high sun angle time of year and why we get snow in march. again this will not be anything terribly disruptive. we notice friday morning an andness tonight. >> great. >>
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>> one more photo on, shawp, not to say we won't see flurries the rest of this year but we'll be hard pressed after this one because of the pattern we know is coming to get any more accumulation. at least the way it looks now we can got a little surprise and certainly as i mentioned on 10:00 news last year march 5 got biggest snow of the year and we happen to think this might be winter last har after because of watt esh we're seeing. not so much tomorrow chilly, 4 43. afternoon high 51. friday, 41. saturday, 45 and then trending up for sunday 50 and then we will add 25 degrees on top of that for next wednesday. our first 75 degree day. in fact we have pollen count today and we understand even tree pollen is starting to float about. the trees are getting ready to do their things and cherry blossoms are expected to bloom significantly earlier this year than last year and you heard prediction for bloom. hard to believe that's what we're talking about on night when it's 27 gaithersburg and culpeper
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culpeper and 29 march takensburg and down to freezing mark in distribute and it will be pretty cold. and then we track our next storm system which will primarily affect us friday morning. setup is this with high pressure up norm we have a bit of cold air supply and certainly a lot and storm system passing south will be able to tap a little gulf of mexico moisture to throw in general one to two inches of snow rain snow mix south and east. there could be a couple areas that are able to squeeze out the the 3" with this and we'll continue to what watch it this time tomorrow night we'll have had an hour or two or show. if we get a change in mod models or areas seeing more or less we'll update you tomorrow night. the system we'll watch moving quickly in our direction, so our future cast paint the first flurries mib as early as 7:00 along harrisonburg area and 10:00 we should see
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outside the studios. 6 in the morning one last gas, rain, snow line not far from the richmond area that's why they'll are mitch. boy this is quick hitter 10 a.m. it's over we don't think there's many school san selllations with this maybe two our delays as the system gets out of here and wanted to show you we're thinking again one to two ibchs and we did a long discussion of everything on facebook. sue palka, "fox5" d.c. find it there and couple spots south and east of 95. southern maryland fweting closer to 2 to 3" ought of that and that could cause early morning friday slipperiness though bulk of accumulation will be on grass. maybe a snow shower late saturday and no problems expected there and then we start to warm-up tuesday, 58. wednesday warm with temperature of 75. we're thinking most areas are going to really enjoy that day. and in fact i think i might have to call out that day just looking so wonderful. okay. maybe i won't. maybe i'll take a vacation day. that is going to inspir
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of vacation days. that's for sure. jim loke over to you. >> all new here. i'm going to be jush us that way. we'll talk football kirk cousins locked down for the season and skins quarterback takes the team 19.95 billion offer for one year tagged a franchise player. cousins led the team to pla playoffs and deposit have much recourse in the matter. cousin's agent verifying it saying kirk cousins officially accepted franchise tender from redskins. there you have it. >> of course write, bittersweet homecoming for brook after being traded from the team but until the deal he played all but one of 743 career games forward. now he goes from belt best team in 2346789 hl to worse. toronto in to face the caps. >> we'reing 23 with new crew. there we was. talk to us before the game. caps 1-10.
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alex ovechkin what does he do, scores? nhl leading. third period. even two caps on power play and for second straight night who is he? that's game winning goal. he barely scored anything. caps win 3- 98 points and host raivrpers on friday night. >> and you may have missed this wizards working math nick minnesota 6-2 since the all star break. final seconds inbound to john wall does this as well as anyone races up the other way beats it in beats half time buzzer 14 point for wall up 6 at the break. tonight bradley beihl with hot hand trading one of three pointers a game by 26 points. wizard win 104. 98 wizard 500 and half game out ofth and final playoff spots. >> and we're getting all sports covered tonight. baseball
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pick-off to first goes wild and allows to score from second on the error. there you have to. top six. no relation to brady. two on back to center field and back, back, back, gone. three-run homerer that has to on spring with 6-2 win. . >> kirk? does your agent handle tv people? . >> i'll call you back. call you back. >> i think we announced last night sue is the franchise player. >> wrae, a guy can try. >> thank you, jim, are scientists on the path for
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they eat. if they make it through the entire meal without looking at their iphones free ice cream. so far the incentive is tested at 150 different chick-fil-a location as cross the city and across the country i should say and i love when fine restaurants like this do that. it's always disruptive. . >> we try to do that you know with our family when we go out. and we're always like this whoever picks up the phone pay pays. it doesn't matter because the kids are like yeah, right, like they have no nonpay >> speaking of paying for things people spend money or hair call or to get rid of gray hair. >> what? . >> really i have not heard of that. >> absolutely. >> really okay no. british research identified a gene that turns hair gray. irs 4 gene the study included 6,000 people
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and it doesn't mean we expect cure for silver locks any time soon. but it is a place to start to develop possible solutions. >> that would be great. >> i don't think they can take the gaep out of you now. >> they won't take it out they'll alter it some way. >> my 9-year-old garage mother hardly has any gray hair. >> bodes well for you too. >> i started wrecking it. >> tmz n
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